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About Herniated Discs

Within the spine, there are discs between the vertebrae that offer support and flexibility, as well as act as shock absorbers. The nucleus is the jelly-like center of the disc, and a herniated disc occurs when some of the nucleus sticks out from the disc. Even though the disc shifts away from its regular position, the increased pressure placed on the disc may push a part of the nucleus out, making the outer layer of the disc rupture. At Tricity Pain Associates, our team of pain management experts provides innovative treatments for herniated discs, allowing for restored mobility and pain relief. Learn more about how we can help treat herniated discs by contacting our state-of-the-art Kyle, TX facility to schedule your initial consultation. 

Herniated Disc Treatment

Several minimally invasive treatment options are available to help treat chronic pain that is the result of herniated discs. For the majority of patients, less invasive methods of treatment will be initially recommended, which could include physical therapy or prescription-strength anti-inflammatory medication. If conservative approaches prove to be ineffective, then additional types of treatments may be suggested, such as steroid injections. In some cases, surgery may be needed to provide the best possible results for severe instances of a herniated disc.

Contact Tricity Pain Associates in Kyle, TX to learn more about the various treatment options we provide and to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced pain management physicians. 

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